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Company Profile

The main goal of the The Boyd School is to offer a high quality education process in the field of language studies by a team of qualified native Slovak and English speaking lecturers. It is our intention to offer general language courses at all language levels as well as various specialized language courses aimed at specific areas of the language or professional life.

Our language school pays particular attention to the quality of the teaching/learning process by taking an individual approach to students by placing them into smaller groups of 6 to 10 for general English courses and 5 to 9 for specialized courses, using modern language study materials published by well-known publishers (Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Longman, etc.) as well as using modern audiovizual and interactive classroom equipment. An inseparable part of the teaching/ learning process are the internal study materials provided by our teachers.

The quality of the teaching process goes hand in hand with the quality of our lecturers, which is guaranteed by their educational background and personality. Moreover, all our lecturers have professional experience with teaching particular language as a second language.

Organization of Study Programme

The The Boyd School offers semi-intensive language courses twice a week, each lesson being 2 x 45min. long. Each course forms a block of 70 lessons per semester, which usually lasts for six months (24 weeks).

Conversational classes in an amount of 60 lessons are held twice a week. The lessons are also thought by a native speaker.

Company classes of English and German are held at the customer's place at any time convenient for the company. Our lecturers adapt the tuition to the working conditions of students.

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